We have helped Sensire, an IoT technology company, to protect its technology for over a decade

Sensire Ltd. is a Finnish high technology company that designs and implements solutions for temperature controlled logistics. Heinonen’s IPR experts have now collaborated with Sensire for over ten years, ever since 2007. Heinonen advises Sensire in all matters concerning industrial property rights which it has accumulated over the years, such as its numerous patent and trademark registrations.

Sensire solves cold chain problems in various industries with its entirely self-developed IoT technology that includes embedded systems, sensors, web technology and software. The patents granted to Sensire and its many pending patent applications in large markets, such as in the EU and the U.S., highlight the inventiveness of the technology in comparison to competitors’ solutions. The patents that Sensire has acquired with the help of our experts focus on, inter alia, data transfer and modular and wireless sensor units with extended operating times.

Overall, the activity in IoT solutions patenting in different industries and technologies is currently considerably higher than ever before. There is a growing number of solutions especially relating to collecting and processing of raw data, and the best technologies will win the race and reap the benefits. Further development of analytics and intelligence will show us what can be invented and what is possible technology-wise but also what can be protected with patents. Sensire has been a pioneer in this for a long time and has the possibility of establishing an industry standard with their technology.

In the future, automated, real-time and intelligent solutions will become more and more desired, which entails great commercial potential and a potential to grow the IPR portfolio stronger and inclusive of ever newer technologies. Heinonen will support Sensire’s growth also in the future by assisting it in protecting new technologies and other intellectual property – and, when necessary, in defending Sensire’s IP rights.

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