Juridia Bützow joins one of the world’s leading legal firms: Eversheds International

Juridia Bützow joins one of the world’s leading legal firms: Eversheds International

Juridia Bützow joins Eversheds International and will be known as JB Eversheds. As of now, Eversheds consists of 57 offices in 31 countries across EMEA and Asia. Eversheds has represented leading multinationals such as Siemens, Goldman Sachs and Flybe.

This exceptionally strong internationalisation within the Finnish legal market will enable even better legal skills to Finnish organisations. Eversheds has been ranked as one of the world’s leading law firms and through this arrangement, Finnish clients will have the expertise of the 14th globally most highly valued law firm at their disposal. (Acritas’ Global Elite Brand Index 2014 research)

–          The Finnish legal market has remained with domestic legal firms for a surprisingly long time. There has been some internationalisation, especially towards the Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic countries, but our national legal market has not yet really seen the participation of the biggest international law firms. We are now changing this situation. By joining Eversheds, we can provide our clients with more versatile international legal expertise, says Harri Tolppanen, Managing Partner of Juridia Bützow.

Juridia Bützow is one of Finland’s leading full service law firms with nationwide coverage through five offices. It has already worked in close co-operation with Eversheds for seven years. The new JB Eversheds will be able to provide to the needs of both their internationally active clientele and clients with multinational aspirations.

–          The Nordic countries, including Finland, are home to a number of the world’s leading businesses. We believe they are a key part of any international legal services offering and welcome Juridia Bützow, as part of our international expansion, says Bryan Hughes, CEO Eversheds LLP.

This arrangement does not affect Heinonen & Co – a subsidiary of Juridia Bützow. Heinonen & Co will continue to provide their services under its own name.

For more information contact

Harri Tolppanen, Managing Partner


Tel. +358 400 635 045

Attorneys-at-Law Juridia Bützow Ltd (from the 3 November 2014 Attorneys JB Eversheds Ltd) is one the leading law firms in Finland. It is a full service law firm specialised in business law with offices in Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, Jyväskylä, Tampere and Turku. Our lawyers are members of the Finnish Bar Association.

Our subsidiary Heinonen & Co is an IPR specialist providing comprehensive global services for protecting, registering, managing and maintaining trademarks, registered designs and domain names with over 50 years experience.

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