Legislation concerning fi-domain names will change on 5 September 2016

Along with the new legislation, the internationally known registry-registrar model will be taken into use. As of 5 September 2016, every fi-domain name holder will need a registrar that administers domain names on behalf of the holder and domain names can be renewed only via a registrar.

What will change?

Every domain name holder must have a registrar. Only the registrar can enter domain names into FICORA’s domain name register on behalf of its clients and make changes to domain names. Registrars provide all basic services related to fi-domain names: applying, renewing, transferring, changing registrars, terminating, and updating details.

Anyone can register a fi-domain name since the current restrictions on place of residence and age will be abolished. Foreign companies, organisations and private persons can obtain n fi-domain name. Domain names consisting of a combination of a person’s first and last names can be freely registered.

What will remain unchanged?

Domain names are still entered into the domain name register maintained by FICORA. The domain name fee charged by FICORA will remain the same.

The protection of trademarks and business names related to fi-domain names remains unchanged. FICORA continues to resolve disputes related to protected trademarks and business names.

The validity period of the existing domain names will also continue normally after 5 September 2016, but a domain name can be renewed only via a domain name registrar.

We serve our customers as registrar

We will provide the same services as before also in the new model, and Heinonen & Co will become a domain name registrar. We will handle domain name registrations, renewals and domain name transfers and reply to customers enquires as before.

For more information on the changes in the procedure, please visit https://domain.fi/info/en/index/fi_uudistuu.html or contact our domain name experts.

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