Heinonen & Co to continue as the supplier of ELY Centres’ Commercialisation of Innovations services

The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) have chosen Heinonen to continue as the supplier of their Commercialisation of Innovations services for the recently commenced new 3-year period.

The Commercialisation of Innovations service enables especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to get IPR consultation, such as freedom to operate (FTO) analyses and registrability studies for finding out IPR protection possibilities and for creating IPR strategies. The Commercialisation of Innovations project is an easy way to obtain consulting from Heinonen to find out how your innovation or brand may be protected, for example. The project is also a great springboard for a variety of further financing projects offered by the ELY Centres and Business Finland.

The ELY subsidy can typically be granted for 2-7 days. The relevant ELY Centre supports 75% of the costs of the project, so the customer only pays 300 EUR per day. For example, a patentability study and an initial outlook on the FTO typically takes about 4 days, providing the client with a good view on the competing solutions and a clear picture of the protectability of one’s own invention. The decision on the granting of the support is made quickly in the ELY Centre – generally within 1-2 weeks.

Our IPR experts will be happy to help you determine a suitable project and with your application.

Akseli von Koch
Patents, Trademarks, Protection of designs
Electronics, Software and Telecommunication, Mechanics
+358 50 325 5191

Regina Pudas
Chemistry, Processing industry, Biochemistry, Petrochemistry, Pharma
+358 10 684 1867

Make an application or find out more on the ELY Centres’ web page (in Finnish).

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