Utilize the Business Finland’s Innovation Voucher to finance our services

Business Finland’s (former Tekes) Innovation Voucher, worth 5 000 euros, is a subsidy suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups and it is intended for the commercialization of new innovations, services and products. The requirements for granting the Innovation Voucher have been recently made easier and now even more companies can be granted the subsidy. The essential requirement for the awarding of the subsidy is that the supported project must focus on a new product or service that has international growth potential.

Heinonen & Co. is an authorized service provider of the Innovation Voucher and the voucher can be utilized to finance our services. With Innovation Voucher it is possible to obtain 5 000 euros’ (+VAT) worth of work related to patents, protection of designs and trademarks for example for registrability studies, freedom to operate (FTO) studies or for drafting a patent, trademark or design application – official registration costs may be also covered with the subsidy.

Innovation Voucher is applied electronically and it is typically granted quickly – even in a week from the application. The company itself applies for the support but we will gladly help with drafting of the application so that it has the best chances to succeed as well as give early consultation on how the Innovation Voucher would best be used.

Innovation Voucher is a very effective and quick way to obtain our services without a self-financing share, so it is definitely worth utilizing in the commercialization stage of a new innovation.

Read more on the Business Finland’s web page and apply for the Innovation Voucher via Online Service.

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