Sampo Ylätalo

Patent Attorney

Sampo Ylätalo specializes in the field of technical physics and the applications thereof, including also ICT and communications. He is particularly interested in aerosol physics, fuel conversion processes, material sciences, electronics, optics, mechanics, semiconductors and MEMS as well as their interdisciplinary aspects.

Since 1999, Sampo has been working in several patent agencies in Finland. In the preceding scientific life, before the career with the inventions and patenting, Sampo worked as an empirical scientist in environmental physics in Helsinki University Department of Physics, Observatory, Acceleration Laboratory, VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd) and STUK (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland). In addition to the in-field measurement campaigns in industry for the named institutes and their clients in projects, Sampo was also in Switzerland as an exchange scientist.

Sampo works at our office in Helsinki.

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